From the 'Global War on Terror' to 'Let's Make a Deal'

I think something serious changed in the last two years regarding our defense policy, especially regarding the Global War On Terror.  Some might call it the Obama Doctrine.  Perhaps a better term would be the Petraeus Doctrine.How would you connect these dots? General David Petraeus "wrote the book" on counterinsurgency.  Some lessons in that book: "Sometimes, the more you protect your force, the less secure you may be," and "Some of the best weapons do not shoot."The "surge" in Iraq was no surge in US Coalition troops.  The peak number of Coalition troops in Iraq in 2007 was 182,668 in October.  There were more Coalition troops there two years earlier: 183,000 in November and December of 2005. As reported by The Times of London in September 2007: "American forces are paying Sunni insurgents hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash to switch sides and help them to defeat Al-Qaeda in Iraq."In April 2008, General...(Read Full Article)