Environmentalist Schizophrenia

Several recent noteworthy articles sharply illuminate the increasingly schizophrenic environmentalist worldview. The first is an amazing cri de coeur from one of Britain's most famous environmentalists, George Monbiot.  In it he frankly admits that the environmentalist movement is in a quandary.  Take the issue of nuclear power.  Enviros typically hate it, but they refuse to deal with the fact that the only alternative is -- fossil fuels!  (Yes, wind and solar power help a tiny bit, but neither can be scaled up to supply the requisite energy in the foreseeable future, and they need to be subsidized at an enormous level.) Monbiot rightly notes that the enviros have an inconsistent worldview.  On the one hand, they want a decarbonized economy to reduce pollution and save the landscape, but this can be done only by business and government building projects, and the enviros resist both government and business development. To those enviros who dream of...(Read Full Article)