Cut the Bloat: Both Ours and Washington's

The intersection between government policy and food has been a hot topic these days.  At the same time, President Obama and Republicans in Washington are engaged in a struggle over how to resolve trillion dollar annual deficits. Clearly, there is no single or simple and certainly no painless solution to our deficit problem.  Difficult, unpopular choices are necessary.  The good news, however, is that eliminating depression-era agriculture subsidies would be good not only for our bloated government, but good for our bloated waistlines as well. Even in the budgetary never-neverland that is Washington, $16 billion in annual spending is real money.  That is the amount the federal government gives out every year in agriculture subsidies.  Under current law, a vast majority of those subsidies are given to corn for meat production, with wheat, rice, dairy, and sugar all receiving significant subsidies.  Notice the absence of any subsidies for fruits and...(Read Full Article)