Corsi Book An Important One

Jerome Corsi's much-anticipated book, Where's the Birth Certificate?, is important in ways that go beyond the eligibility of Barack Obama to be president of the United States.  That question the book addresses but cannot quite resolve.Perhaps more importantly, the book illuminates the David and Goliath dust-up between old school journalists like Corsi and the anti-journalists who now dominates the media.  Although the outcome remains in doubt, the terms of battle do not.  And unless those terms are changed, the Goliath media will continue its inexorable drift towards Pravda-style journalism.Corsi's book could help level the battlefield.  He is the Joe Friday of reporters, "Just the facts, ma'm."  Even the skeptical reader will have to appreciate how conscientiously he makes his case that Barack Obama's eligibility is by no means a given.  And for all its attention to detail, the book is well paced and always engaging.In the way of disclosure,...(Read Full Article)