Barack Obama: Yet Another Roadblock to Zionism

Israelis and Americans alike were aghast this week when Barack Obama announced his policy on Israel's borders and settlements.  He suggests that a peaceful resolution to the Arab-Israeli conflict could result if Israel withdraws her borders to the boundaries that existed prior to the Six Day War, where, in 1967, a clearly defensive Israel repelled attacks from its hostile Arab neighbors. These are hostile Arab neighbors that longed then and long now for Israel's destruction.  Hostile neighbors who have also suggested that Israel shrink its border to the pre-'67 lines for less inconspicuous reasons. But where Palestinians and anti-Israel elements throughout the Middle East would welcome Israeli concessions that would leave the Jewish nation more vulnerable to attack and eventual defeat, Prime Minister Netanyahu of Israel is clearly not keen on the idea, as he rightfully rejected Obama's absurd suggestion. Of course, some in our media don't agree with Netanyahu and...(Read Full Article)