Are Obama's Academic Defenders Vulnerable?

In late October 2010, Harvard historian James T. Kloppenberg gave a standing room-only lecture at a New York City conference on intellectual history. There, the New York Times reported, Kloppenberg shared the insights gleaned in researching his book, Reading Obama.  As the good professor explained, Obama stood tall among that rare breed of philosopher presidents. "There's John Adams, Thomas Jefferson," he told the crowd, "James Madison and John Quincy Adams, then Abraham Lincoln and in the 20th century just Woodrow Wilson."  And now Obama, a "true intellectual" and a philosophical "pragmatist."In his book, Kloppenberg would unblushingly describe the president as "gifted," a "genius," a man of "exceptional intelligence," one who writes "brilliantly and poignantly."  Kloppenberg's colleagues shared his enthusiasm.  According to the Times, they responded to his talk "with prolonged...(Read Full Article)