Anti-Palin Books Proving to Be Commercial Flops

Sarah Palin is back in the news!  She has announced an east-coast bus tour, has reportedly purchased a new $1.7M crib in Scottsdale, AZ., and her $1M self-authorized and approved documentary titled The Undefeated is set to hit Iowa next month followed by New Hampshire, South Carolina, and Nevada before being released to the rest of the nation.Palin has mastered the media and shows great signs of using it to her advantage.  She has not been blessed by the Republican establishment and sits behind Mitt Romney by only two points of the strongest potential contenders for the Republican nomination for 2012.She continues to do things her way, unconventionally, which is what she sets out to prove with the release of The Undefeated.  In Alaska, Palin was anything but conventional as a leader.  Befriending Democrats, she tore down establishment Republicans including incumbent Governor Frank Murkowski.  Immediately resuming duties as Governor, she sold a luxury-private...(Read Full Article)