Where is Moses When We Need Him?

My fifteen year old son recently told me that he decided he is an atheist.  My first reaction was that this must be part of a healthy and normal stage of teenage rebellion against a mother who is a very proud Jew and vociferous supporter of Israel.However, after a bit of prodding, I learned that my son does not believe in God at the moment because God has not done anything of late to prove that He exists.  There has been no parting of the Red Sea, no plagues or burning bushes, and no miracles to rid the world of all of the evil that is inescapable and impossible to ignore, even in the eyes of an American teenage boy.  And I have to admit, it does seem logical to question God's existence when bad things happen to good people, when Islamic terrorists commit murder and mayhem on a daily basis, and when human suffering is so pervasive that millions of individuals are impacted globally with no end in sight. However, while I do not personally question God's existence, as I...(Read Full Article)