We Must Think Beyond the 38 Billion

To misunderstand what John Boehner accomplished last week is to confuse the time for a first inning bunt and a ninth inning grand slam.  Yes, I get it -- 38 billion is chump change compared to our national debt problems.  But last week was not Boehner's budget per se.  It was merely the Democrats' last budget that they never got around to.  In other words, all we needed -- and perhaps all we could get -- was a bunt single.  It wasn't even officially "our turn at bat."  This was found money.And we only got that measly bunt single.  Yes it was ugly, but we have the entire rest of the game in front of us.  Slugger Paul Ryan has the big bat, and his turn is coming.  And to boot, there are embarrassing votes in front of Harry Reid that were negotiated as part of this deal that will likely result in prizes much bigger than another 30 billion or more. Last week in American Thinker I chided -- well, actually insulted -- Speaker Boehner...(Read Full Article)