Warmists and the Organic Farming Activists

Organic farming creates more CO2 (which is a good thing, of course).  So why do urban organic activists pretend it's the other way 'round?Urban organic activists begin every argument by pining for the good ol' days.  They point out that in 1940 one calorie of fossil-fuel energy produced two calories of food.  But now, due to the dreaded effects of industrialization, 20 calories of fossil-fuel energy are required per calorie of food.  And this, for them, illustrates why an immediate transformation of the food biz is required to "save the planet."  How?  By converting from a fossil-fuel-based food economy to one based instead on sunshine.  Case closed!  After all, it's a 20-fold increase, right?[i]Well... turns out it's not.A wise man once said an ordinary mind is incapable of making distinctions.  The distinction not being made in this case is that while we're using 20 times the fossil-fuel energy, we're certainly not using...(Read Full Article)