U.S. Middle-East Policy in Disarray

Apparently Washington, D.C. has only recently come to realize that U.S.-Middle East policy is in tatters.  The degree of disarray still seems to be hidden from those charged with administering such a policy: the State Department.  Neither the State Department nor any of our intelligence agencies seem to have had any inkling of an idea that the forces of revolt and revolution would break out in Arab North Africa and the Middle East.  Each successive revolt caught our government by surprise: first in Tunisia, then in Egypt, and finally in Libya.  After these revolutions, we again were taken by surprise at revolts in Yemen, Bahrain, and now Syria.  All of these revolts follow some eighteen months after the smothered youth revolt in Iran, where our government did almost nothing to aid the young Iranians attempting to remove the tyrannical clerical rule of the Islamic extremist regime.When it came to the revolt in Egypt, after some waffling, President Obama decided...(Read Full Article)