Trust and Freedom

"I just don't trust that people are smart enough to make the right choices.  Do you really think that there are enough intelligent people to have this kind of freedom?"  This is a sentiment that I've heard many times from seemingly goodhearted people on the left.It's a very telling window into a very troubling belief system.Most arguments for the expansion of government power boil down to distrust -- distrust that poor people will be taken care of; distrust that businesses will run without corruption and abuse; distrust that people will take care of their own retirement, health care, and safety needs; etc.The list is endless, and so long as enough people remain convinced that others are basically not trustworthy, these people will continue to support the illusion that the government can somehow correct for this shortcoming and make it all okay.Trust is the foundation of a free society.  If we could not trust the average person to be reasonably considerate and...(Read Full Article)