Third Party? Read the Fine Print First

So you want a third party do you?  You are fed up with John Boehner's recent actions on the budget and you've reached a breaking point - and you're ready to form a third party.  Am I reading you right?Oh I understand. I do.  Please realize that I've been RINO hunting since 1992. I was anti John McCain starting in 92 and anti Karl Rove as far back as late 2000.  I mention this just to let you know that I am the least likely person to fall for any "reach across the aisle" or "new tone" shenanigans or messaging from inside the beltway types.  I live "outside the beltway" in every possible way. But back to the third party issue: I have a few questions first.  Keep in mind I am assuming you are now serious about having a full-fledged political party that recruits and campaigns from dog-catcher through the White House.  You know, a party that will have to pay for staff and offices and websites and email servers and travel and...(Read Full Article)