The Unified Theory of Obama

For as long as I can remember scientists have been trying to put together a Theory of Everything which would explain and connect all the knowledge we have of physical phenomena. So far they haven't been successful, but they keep trying.  I wondered if it would be possible to explain the many contradictions of Obama and the mystery of his origins and incomprehensible nature of his domestic and foreign policies to better understand him and predict why he seems to be steering the ship of state onto the shoalsI think I've finally got it, though a night of watching old movies  -- "The Man in the Iron Mask" and "The Prince and the Pauper" -- helped me along.Barack is not one person.  The man we know as Barack Obama is really two people, identical (possibly conjoined at the head Janus-like but later separated) twins. Don't laugh. I'll explain.The Mystery of His BirthAs Donald Trump is reminding everyone, we have no proof that Obama was born in the United...(Read Full Article)