The Trouble with Independents

The latest edition of The New Republic has an interesting piece, titled, "The Trouble with Independents." T he subheading is even more on target: "What if these voters are just a clueless horde?"  The article is written by the thoughtful Georgetown scholar (and man of the left) Michael Kazin, who finds himself in company with a lot of conservatives, from me to Rush Limbaugh.  Kazin writes:No group in American politics gets more respect than independent voters. Pundits and reporters probe what these allegedly moderate citizens think about this issue and that candidate, major party strategists seek the golden mean of messaging that will attract independents to their camp and/or alienate them from the opposing one. Presidential nominees and aides struggle to come up with phrases and settings that will soothe or excite them. But what if millions of independents are really just a confused and clueless horde, whose interest in politics veers between the...(Read Full Article)