The Golden Anniversary of a Bad Amendment

The Constitution, despite what leftists think, has always been able to "grow" without the arrogation of ultimate power by the Supreme Court.  Article V provides two ways to amend the Constitution. Amending the Constitution requires a very strong political consensus and as a consequence the Constitution has only been amended twenty-seven times.  Some of those amendments, like the Bill of Rights and the post-Civil War amendments, have been reaffirmations of the underpinning political values of America since before the Revolution: freedom of expression, religious toleration, due process of law, equality before the law, voting rights for all citizens, and limited federal power.Some amendments have been "housekeeping" amendments.  In the early days of the Republic, the vice president was the man who came in second in the Electoral College voting for president.  Presidents once imposed a voluntary two-term limit until FDR violated the unwritten...(Read Full Article)