The Climate is Changing Alright, But It's Getting Cooler

Our government is in the process of imposing strict controls to reduce greenhouse gases in hopes of staving off global warming even though earth's atmosphere is cooling.Monday's Washington Post included an op-ed piece by Fred Hiatt titled On climate change, the GOP is lost in never-never land.  It wasn't a particularly good article because it was unfocused and disjointed, but its theme was clear.  Hiatt thinks Republicans live in a fantasy world and that climate change denial is just one example of their grand delusion.I'm not a Republican or a Republican Party apologist.  I'm an ordinary citizen who's interested in the facts, and the facts about climate change tell a tale that Mr. Hiatt and people of his ilk can't or won't accept.  The climate is changing alright, but it's getting cooler - not warmer.  At this point, the only way to have missed that fact is to have bought into the liberal progressive lie that global warming is destroying the planet so...(Read Full Article)