Testimony Wrought in Blood

During this Easter season we once again commemorate history's pivotal event: the rising from the dead of an itinerant Jewish rabbi called Jesus of Nazareth.That the Resurrection irrevocably changed the flow of human affairs is beyond dispute.  But besides being the most consequential event, it has also been a deeply controversial one, since there have always been those who have maintained that it actually never happened.This existence of this view is understandable given that the Resurrection is an occurrence so seemingly fantastical that many find it difficult to accept its reality.  The most common explanation proffered by skeptics is that it was orchestrated by a group of his close followers.  They allege that it was those disciples -- known as the apostles -- who secretly removed their master's corpse from its place of entombment and then claimed he had miraculously triumphed over death.Given that both the historicity of Jesus and his crucifixion have been well...(Read Full Article)