Terry Jones, His Critics, and Islam

Terry Jones has finally done it.  It may be recalled that Terry Jones is the Florida pastor who just last year threatened to stage a Quran burning in response to the decision to construct an Islamic center not far from where the twin towers once stood in downtown Manhattan.  It may have taken him a while longer than he originally planned, but Jones' pledge has finally come to fruition.This would have been uneventful had it not served as the latest excuse for massive rioting and killing on the part of Muslims worldwide.  Particularly remarkable, however, is that much of this destruction is occurring in just that place -- Afghanistan -- where we have spent the last decade laboring tirelessly to satiate that longing for "freedom" that President Bush insisted makes its dwelling in every human heart.  Furthermore, it is President Karzai who first called the riotous murderers' attention to it.  Had Karzai refrained from rendering an international issue of...(Read Full Article)