Reconciling Rand with the Gospel

The motion picture Atlas Shrugged - Part 1 was released in theaters last week, and coupled with the positively prophetic mapping of the plot of Atlas Shrugged to current events, Ayn Rand and her Objectivist Philosophy are front-burner topics.  I know that many Christians read Rand and want to stand up and cheer, but at the same time are racked with guilt because of her atheism and decidedly anti-church professions.  Can Rand be reconciled to the Gospel?  Can Christians read and learn from Rand's writings?  I say yes, and emphatically so.The first thing we must do is approach this question from an adult perspective.  It is patent absurdity to argue that atheists and other non-Christians have nothing to offer society or the Christian milieu itself.  To argue that the work of atheists be dismissed is to argue for the dismissal of a large percentage of the advances and breakthroughs in mathematics, physics, and biomedical science that have been achieved over...(Read Full Article)