Obama's Birthplace Mystery: The Real Issue

An otherwise casual question has turned out to be one of the most elusive and divisive questions of the young 21st century: where was Barack Obama born?  The left despises those who ask the question.  Some on the right ridicule those who raise the issue, while a sizeable number of Americans are insisting that Obama was born outside of the US and hence he is ineligible to be president. Update: See Obama releases his long form birth certificateWhether intentionally or not, they are either missing or distorting the real issue.  An inquiry to Obama's birthplace should be viewed in light of the sheer weight of the position he holds: a national and world leader.  If the job involved were a county-level clerk position, questions about Obama's personal history would indeed be less relevant and a distraction.  Instead, what is at stake here is the America's future.  Voting for someone to be US President is akin to mortgaging the nation's future to that...(Read Full Article)