Just in Time, Obama Changes the Subject

President Obama just did something only presidents can do: he changed the subject of our nation's political conversation. To his advantage, he and his handlers hope.As American Thinker was one of the first to report, on Monday -- four days ago -- the President was well on his way to having a politically disastrous week.  A lengthy article by Ryan Lizza in the May 2 number of the New Yorker had exposed wide disarray and division among the President, his advisors, and Hillary Clinton's State Department over the American response to the Arab Spring, especially the non-intervention in Iran's Green Revolution last year and the more recent decision to intervene -- sort of -- in Libya. Ryan Lizza is the New Yorker's chief Washington correspondent.  His reporting confirmed all the rumors about in-fighting and charges of sexism between the boys and the girls in the Administration over the whole idea of "liberal (or humanitarian) intervention." R2P, as it's called, is a...(Read Full Article)