Conservatism and Business

Among Republicans, the belief that a presidential candidate with experience in the business world is preferable to a candidate without such experience dies hard.  While this assumption is far from implausible, invariably overlooked are those considerations that militate against it.  For one, the incentives and constraints that constitute the private sector and those that define the public sector are, for the most part, mutually incompatible.  That a successful businessperson on the order of a Mitt Romney or a Donald Trump knows the value of a dollar when that dollar is his own goes without saying; but when it is another's dollar to which he has access, matters aren't nearly as certain.  When this dollar belongs to the taxpayer, and when this businessman turned politician has shifted his attention away from monetary profit and toward political success, matters become even less certain.  Still, the businessperson, having spent his life in the business world, has...(Read Full Article)