Canadian Showdown

Next Monday, May 2nd, Canadians are going to the polls for their third general election in five years.  Stephen Harper and his Conservative Party have governed Canada since the 2006 election which made that party the largest party in the Canadian House of Commons, although a minority within that chamber.  In October 2008, right before our presidential election, Harper received a larger mandate, though still with a minority in Parliament.  Prime Minister Harper governs but he cannot enact real reforms without a majority in Parliament.  Harper and his party need 155 seats.  Right now they have 144 seats.  The Liberal Party is the strongest opponent of Harper right now.  It has 77 seats in Parliament.  Next is the New Democratic Party with 37 seats.  The Bloc Quebec, or French separatist party, has 48 seats.  Elections in Canadian ridings, or legislative districts, are "winner take all," so that the candidate with the most votes...(Read Full Article)