Blasphemy in Pakistan

These days, one word that symbolizes Pakistan for the rest of the world is "blasphemy."  This is altogether fitting, for if there is one "modern" government whose actions are truly blasphemous to God (or to whatever your conception of a higher power is), then Pakistan is that country.  In Pakistan, a substantial portion of the government and the population sympathize and cooperate with Islamist groups, including the Pakistani version of the Taliban.  Thus, both the Taliban and al-Qaeda -- Osama bin Laden among them -- find refuge within Pakistan's mountainous border region.  In Pakistan, there is government and popular support for terrorist attacks against neighboring India, such as what occurred in Mumbai.  In Pakistan, the government held an American CIA contractor for murder and blasphemy and released him from prison only after more than $2 million in Sharia law-sanctioned "blood money" was paid to his victims' families. ...(Read Full Article)