Arrogance and Narcissism Reign in King Barack's Court

Arrogance is defined as an inflated degree of self-importance with a supplementary contempt for others.  Narcissism describes a person totally infatuated with his own persona and possessing an overblown sense of ability or worth.  Arrogance and narcissism are somewhat synonymous.  Yet there is sufficient difference between the terms to apply both to the persona our current Commander-in-Chief embodies.President Obama is a walking contradiction.  Acts he once considered an abuse of authority are but policy recalculations when he exercises them personally.  Other presidents have overstepped their authority.  Obama, however, is uniquely intelligent and supremely qualified to properly wield powers he once considered abusive and to rule a free people.  "Rule" isn't a word chosen at random; it's a term Obama himself has used to describe his administration.Barack Hussein Obama doesn't see himself as merely the United States' 44th President; he is...(Read Full Article)