What Israel Knows About Hamas

The general estimation of Hamas by the international community is something of a mystery.  On the one hand, the group openly harbors an unwavering desire to ethnically cleanse Israel of its Jewish population through suicide bombings and rocket attacks in order to reclaim the land for their god and their prophet.  On the other, a 2006 victory in a democratic election gave Hamas control of the Gaza Strip, so as the elected political body of its opposition, the international community somehow expects Israel to negotiate with this group to broker a peace.  Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel, does not currently seem content to sit down and speak with Hamas, however.  Hamas recently released a statement committing to the "unofficial truce" if Israel will refrain from attacking Gaza.  Netanyahu apparently finds the prospect of truce and negotiation with Hamas fruitless, so Israeli jets struck the Gaza Strip in response to a barrage of over 50...(Read Full Article)