The Queen's Speech, 1991

The hit movie, The King's Speech, garnered top honors at the Oscars Sunday night. The feel-good flick surely shows the indomitable human spirit rising above adversity.  For that, at least, it's a fine antidote to much Tinseltown product. My wife and I enjoyed the movie, even if she nudged me in the theater to keep it quiet -- and don't, please don't -- butt in with any historical corrections. There were a few major ones. It's too bad most Americans, and British folks, too, will have their impressions of King George VI formed from the rather considerable literary license taken with the late monarch's life.Oh, well. At least the movie was better than the real-life royal snafu I witnessed at the White House in 1991. It was the arrival ceremony for Queen Elizabeth II. (Her late dad  was the subject of The King's Speech). It was a balmy May day in Washington, before the oppressive humidity and heat set in. My friends and I from Family Research Council had been invited by...(Read Full Article)