The Media and the Republicans

The American mainstream media, once the most dominant news gathering entity in the world, has lost its credibility and is in the process of losing its influence.  Yet the Republicans and some conservative intelligentsia in Washington D.C. still foolishly curry the media's favor, cower in fear of their by-gone power and do not understand their motives and mindless acquiescence to group-think mentality.Since 1990 total newspaper circulation has dropped by 17.3 million readers (28%).  The three network news broadcasts have suffered a similar fate.  Since 1991 they have lost 12.6 million viewers (34%).  The various mainstream news magazines such a Time and Newsweek are a mere skeleton of their former selves.While many within the media chose to blame the rise of the internet, talk radio and Fox News, this trend began long before the ascendancy of these new media outlets.  The case could be made that these new sources of information benefited and grew rapidly as a...(Read Full Article)