The Case against Mitch Daniels

Currently, Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels is being billed as a genuine conservative who can defeat Barack Obama, reform the federal government, and balance the budget.  Yet a close examination of the governor's record and statements reveals that he is actually a strident liberal who cannot be taken seriously.It has frequently been said about Mitch Daniels that he "turned deficits into surpluses" as governor.  The only problem with this claim is that it's not true.  According to the CNBC/, which annually ranks states according to business climate, Indiana has a $1.4-billion budget deficit as of FY2011.That same CNBC/ list ranked Indiana as barely 21st out of 50 states -- i.e. in the middle of the peloton, trailing Democrat-run states such as Massachusetts and Washington.  Indiana is 42nd in terms of the quality of its workforce,  44th in quality of life, 26th in access to capital, and 22nd in technology and innovation.  In...(Read Full Article)