The Big Obama Defeat the Media Ignored

Sometimes the biggest victories are the ones that make the least noise. Lost amid all the excitement over the Rio trip, the anti-obesity campaign, and the March Madness picks was the revelation that Senate Democrats had given up any attempt to confirm Donald Berwick as chief of Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).  It seems that 42 Republicans had informed the Democratic majority by letter that they would vote for Berwick's confirmation when Hell froze over. (With Wisconsin, that makes two examples of Republicans acting as if they had spines in one month. Will wonders never cease?)  Berwick was originally given a recess appointment, another example of Obama's Chicago method of doing things. But that means that he must now leave office by the end of the year.This would be truly below the fold on Page 5 if not for one single factor: as CMS head, Berwick is Obama's point man on health care, the man tasked with putting ObamaCare into action. Now Obama is left having...(Read Full Article)