Imams, Dons and RICO

The RICO Act is an untapped tool that could be used to bring down jihadis, though it remains unused for that purpose. Despite some spectacular individual takedowns, the FBI under J. Edgar Hoover made little dent in criminal organizations until the RICO Act of 1970. Hoover even denied the existence of organized crime for some 40 years prior to the RICO Act. Yet the Mafia, partly by courtesy of Mussolini's crackdown in Italy, began to be an organized force in the US by the thirties. Hoover, nonetheless, was content to make headlines going after individual operatives without going after the organization itself. There are some nasty explanations of Hoover being subject to blackmail by the Mafia which had proof of Hoover's homosexuality. Be that as it may, it wasn't until Bobby Kennedy and the RICO Act that the kingpin Dons of organized crime could no longer hide behind "legitimate" businesses.Jeffrey E. Grell, an attorney with extensive experienced prosecuting and defending...(Read Full Article)