Gouging Taxpayers in the Chicago Suburbs

More and more communities and state governors have begun to question the relationship between teachers, their elected boards, their superintendents and the unions which represent them, in the wake of Wisconsin's union rampages.Upon checking my Lake Forest, Illinois School Districts 67 and 115 websites, I found them difficult to navigate, with little transparency, and with information that was often out-of-date.  It was then that I began to request information missing from the websites through issuing Freedom of Information Act requests to the FOIA Officer of School District 115.After sifting through hundreds of pages of FOIA responses, I was unprepared for what I uncovered in Lake Forest School District 115, funded by taxpayers in the upscale communities of Lake Forest and Lake Bluff.  Both communities have a rich historical background, bordering Lake Michigan and located 40 miles north of Chicago, IL.  Lake Forest...(Read Full Article)