Gilad Farm and Middle East Peace

Where is Gilad Farm and why should anyone care? A tiny community of twenty families living in a cluster of shacks and tents, it is located on a barren hilltop near Nablus in the northern West Bank. Established in 2002 on land privately owned by Moshe Zar, it was named in memory of his son Gilad, who was murdered by Palestinian terrorists. Labeled an illegal outpost by the Israeli government it has been demolished several times only to be rebuilt by the militant religious Zionist settlers who many Israelis ­ and not only Israelis - love to hate. Gilad Farm lost its anonymity on February 28.  Before dawn Israeli security police arrived in force and demolished a family home, a tent housing five young men, and the foundation for a new structure. Although police claimed that they only fired paintball guns in self- defense after stones were thrown, 13 civilians were hit - two in the back - by plastic bullets.Filming the police assault, a resident was shot in both knees at...(Read Full Article)