Exploiting the Japanese

For the left, no crisis is too terrible to go unused. So it is with the horrific suffering that has taken place in Japan.The President himself was the first to swing into action. Having already planned a nationally televised news conference to respond to high gas prices, Obama saw an opportunity to increase his viewership by advertising his appearance as a response to the Japanese earthquake instead. The first few minutes of the address were, in fact, directed to events in Japan, with the usual professions of sympathy and promises of swift American aid. But not five minutes into the speech, the President swung into campaign mode. From then on, it was a defense of the administration's energy policy, blaming high gas prices on events beyond its control. "Rising [gas] prices are not a new phenomenon," he declared. They go back to the Bush administration. Rising gas prices also reflect an economy that has "picked up steam" since we got rid of Bush. And even if prices...(Read Full Article)