A Requiem for Multiculturalism

Stop the presses!  The British, French and German heads of state agree on something:   Cameron, Sarkozy and Merkel have all recently declared multiculturalism a failure.Like the related dogma of diversity, multiculturalism is so deeply embedded in the lexicon of liberalism that it has become axiomatic. Proponents hold it so dear that the faintest doubt poses an existential threat.  With the stakes so high, agnostics face sanctimonious wrath:  if you don't believe in multiculturalism there is simply something wrong with you; maybe you're even nuts. While I have reservations I think I'm basically sane, and I sure as heck hope the aforementioned world leaders are operating with a full deck.  It's important to distinguish between diversity and multiculturalism, which are often lumped together in liberal orthodoxy.  Diversity is inherently good; but multiculturalism too often leads to separation and resentment that foments extremism.   True...(Read Full Article)