The Story of the Egyptian Revolution

A friend of mine in academia forwarded this e-mail to me from an Egyptian student whose good sense he vouches for.  The student tells a story very different from what most of you are seeing on television or reading in your papers.Unless the author gives me permission to reveal his identity, I am not at liberty to disclose it.  [Update: The author, Sam Tadros, has given his permission to publish his name.] - Clarice Feldman****My apologies for the length of this article, but I see it as extremely important to tell the whole story as it happened.The Story of the Egyptian RevolutionOne week ago, Egypt was a stable authoritarian regime, prospects of change were minimal and every expert in Washington would have betted on the endurance of its regime. Today, Egypt is in a state of chaos. The regime, even after using its mightiest sword is not able to control the country and the streets of Egypt are in a state of utter lawlessness. As the world stands in awe, confusion, and...(Read Full Article)