The Media's Deadly Sin

Sixteen years ago, the  Republican House of Representatives, led by Speaker Newt Gingrich, passed a federal budget containing spending cuts and slowing of growth in some programs.  President Bill Clinton vetoed it.  This caused the federal government to shut down for several days until the Congress blinked and passed another budget more to the president's liking. The mainstream media, which at the time consisted of the broadcast news networks, newspapers, and CNN, reported nonstop on the brief stoppage of nonessential federal services.  They described the temporary closing of national museums in tones that rivaled the death scene from Camille for over-the-top heart wrenching hysteria. Last year I was listening to the radio and heard that our area had experienced an earthquake during the night.  I took the reporter's word that it happened; it had been so mild that I slept right through it.  In December 1995, if one weren't visiting a national park or...(Read Full Article)