The Geraldo Rivera of Presidents

I'm bitter.  No two ways about it.  Without Robert Glib in the press room there's just no comic relief in the fundamental transformation anymore.  So often Leftists are, themselves, the best illustration of their ironic world of absurdity -- even those Leftists who sometimes masquerade as conservatives. Before Late Night hosts, White House press secretaries, and Saturday Night Live casts found such pleasure in giving conservatism a bad name, there was Geraldo Rivera.  Remember the unending build-up to Rivera's live television special, "The Mystery of Al Capone's Vault"?   Its marketing created a palpable curiosity, sparking conversations around water coolers for weeks.  For all the anticipation -- all the promise of treasure -- we were left with thirty seconds of watching dust settle on an empty room.  Nothing like naked humiliation to jumpstart a career. If Kennedy was the "King of Camelot," and Reagan, ‘the Teflon...(Read Full Article)