The Era of the Obama 'Blank Screen' is Over

 Barack Hussein Obama, Jr., a/k/a Barry Soetoro, appeared out of nowhere as a political Melchizedek with a mysterious and unknown past. Obama showed up on the national stage in 2004. His lofty speech at the Democratic National Convention instantly propelled him to celebrity status in the eyes of a star struck news media. At the time, Obama was employed as an Illinois state senator out of Chicago. During his career, the senator voted "present" approximately 130 times on controversial issues.No sooner than Obama became a U.S. senator he had more important things than Senate business to tend to: like running for president as an all-American moderate with a nice smile.Mr. Obama presented himself as a blank slate to the American public. A Real Clear Politics piece by Froma Harrop notes the way in which Obama saw himself relating to the public:What Obama really thinks should be done about health care and the terrorist threat remain secrets that his book [Audacity of Hope]...(Read Full Article)