The Cesspool Obama and I Crawled Out Of

A Memoir of life in Hyde ParkElvin Bishop, a fine guitarist, but perhaps not always the best judge of human affairs, said that he liked Hyde Park because you could piss in the sink there.  I don't remember doing that, though I can't say I didn't; but I do have many vivid memories of Hyde Park before it became the gentrified home of Barack and Michelle Obama.  Claire and I went into a fried chicken place and sat in a booth.  At the counter was a drunk cop, and in front of the juke box a young black moved his legs in time to the music, deciding what to play next.  The cop told him to stop dancing, but he put in another dime.  The cop told him again and got up from his seat, staggering over next to us.  He drew his revolver and tried to point it at the offender.  It floated lazily upward, turning this way and that, as if it had a drunken mind of its own, stumbled, and fell to the level of the table.  Then it seemed to clear its head and rose again,...(Read Full Article)