The CAFE Effect

Back in 2005, James Taranto of the Wall Street Journal speculated on the existence of a "Roe Effect" -- the possibility that liberal eagerness to take advantage of Roe v. Wade's liberalization of abortion was leading them to Roe themselves out of existence. Taranto's research demonstrated that drops in the liberal vote after 1992 were closely correlated with high abortion rates. For decades, dutiful liberals had been aborting future voters needed to assure continuation of the progressive program. "Americans born after Roe v. Wade," Taranto wrote, "have a greater propensity to vote for the pro-life party--that is, Republican--than they otherwise would have." At least part of the Republican ascendancy in recent years is a direct result of liberal activities.I'd like to add a corollary to Taranto's thesis, one that acts on a similar basis though not directly related to the abortion controversy -- the CAFE effect.  In 1975 the Energy Policy and...(Read Full Article)