The Birther Card

Hawaii's new governor, Neil Abercrombie, stirred the "birther" pot just before Christmas when he promised to launch an expedition for Obama's long form birth certificate. Chris Matthews reported on the Abercrombie quest, and though calling himself an "enemy of the birthers," surprised us by acknowledging that the advertised short form is indeed a different document than an actual long form certificate and that it should be released.  Matthews' guests on the segment agreed, noting once it was out they could "make even more fun of the birthers."  But less than a month later, when it was Abercrombie's turn to produce the long form, he turned up empty-handed, and instead offered some ambiguous lines about something "written down" that "actually exists." Enter a new player to the game: journalist friend of Abercrombie, Mike Evans, on the radio a few days later touting "There is no Barack Obama birth certificate in Hawaii --...(Read Full Article)