Still Very Possible: How to Repeal and Replace ObamaCare

The fact that the U.S. Senate has failed by a vote of 47-51 to repeal ObamaCare -- after the House voted 245-189 to do so -- has created the impression that it will no longer be possible to repeal this monstrosity in its entirety and to achieve a "start from scratch" replacement.This defeatist conclusion is dead wrong...but only if we follow a simple roadmap now circulating among Republican leaders in both the House and Senate.Both to avoid further futile Senate efforts (however well-intended) to achieve a complete repeal of ObamaCare and, just as importantly, to avoid the deadly siren-song dangers of piecemeal amendments to the existing law, we must focus on an alternative plan which can and should result in a simultaneous repeal and replacement of ObamaCare -- as soon as the time is right, and particularly in the Senate.Currently being evaluated by a dozen or more Republican senators and an equal number of House GOP leaders is the following roadmap to success in the...(Read Full Article)