Rubio and Reassurance

If there is one word that answers Sigmund Freud's old question, What do women want?, it is this: Reassurance. That's Reassurance with a capital R. This is especially the case when we speak about modern American politics.And even not-so-modern American politics. The late Professor William Abbott of University of Virginia spoke about the first beneficiary of the "gender gap" in our history: George Washington.This formidable scholar had been studying George Washington with the greatest care for thirty years. But, women couldn't even vote then is the obvious rejoinder. Mr. Abbott would point out that was not entirely so. Some women, admittedly a few, and mostly elderly, propertied widows and spinsters did vote in New Jersey and Connecticut.That wasn't his point. He noted that in all his research as editor of the George Washington Papers at UVA, and in decades of reading letters, diary entries, newspaper articles, and poems about George Washington,...(Read Full Article)