Radical Suits and Their Suckers

Back in the 1970s my daughters used to say: "Let's play princesses!" and a grand old time they had.  I imagine that in progressive families, the cry was different.  "Let's play community organizers!"  No doubt a grand old time was had by the baby radicals too.The trouble is that some people don't grow up.  It's one thing to play community organizers in the back yard when you are a kid.  It's another thing when real lives are at stake, as in Wisconsin.A better name for "community organizer" is "radical suit," because community organizers are really the lefty version of the corporate suits that fly in to the plant in their executive jets, issue just enough ridiculous orders to prove that they haven't a clue, and then head back to the FBO and the next gig.  The definitive word on radical suits came out in 1885 in Zola's Germinal.  It tells the story of the radical suit Etienne Lantier, who hikes into town to...(Read Full Article)