Judge Vinson Also Smacks Down Crony Capitalists

Judge Vinson's individual mandate ruling is seen -- properly -- as a defeat for ObamaCare and a win for individual freedom.  And it is all of that, of course.But there's more.  Perhaps almost as pleasing as the affirmation of individual freedom and the dismissal of a government run-society is the smack-down Judge Vinson's ruling gave to the concept of "crony capitalism."  And that may be just as important in the long run.After all, no government-run society is even possible without corporatists and crony capitalists eager to jump into the sack with the statists who will design laws to force unwilling customers to those corporations.  This is something the statists will do under threat of sending IRS and other bureaucrats to harass every unwilling business or individual.  You do remember that it was sixteen thousand new IRS agents -- not sixteen thousand new doctors -- that ObamaCare has plans to employ, don't you?  Gee, you think maybe ObamaCare...(Read Full Article)