Fix Education Now!

Every time I hear the President say something like "The goal of the administration is to assure that every child has access to a complete and comprehensive education, from the day they are born to the day they begin their career" (State of the Union, 2009), I wonder why it's taking so long.  Later (March 2010), Obama expanded on his theme: In pockets of excellence across this country we're seeing what children from all walks of life can and will achieve when we set high standards[.] ... [But] politics and ideology have too often trumped our progress.Obama blames the Democrats for opposing extra pay for teaching excellence and the Republicans for opposing funding for early childhood education.  He honestly believes that if our education dollars are spent how he chooses to spend them, then the problem will be solved.While these solutions might be worth trying once the major problem is addressed, as solutions of first choice, they fail miserably.  Obama seems to...(Read Full Article)