Dueling Narratives: Reagan vs. Obama

This February marks the centennial of Ronald Reagan's birth, with all sorts of commemorations happening throughout the month. Having written a lot on Reagan, I've been asked countless questions about the man. Lately, some of those questions dovetail with some intriguing questions regarding the current president, Barack Obama, particularly those raised here at American Thinker by Selwyn Duke. Before considering Duke's analysis, I'll explain on Reagan.Over the last few months, I've fielded questions over my provocative inclusion of Ronald Reagan as one of the dupes in my latest book. Conservatives and liberals alike have been taken aback. In truth, this is easy to explain: Reagan, as a young liberal actor in Hollywood, notably in a brief timeframe from 1945-46, had been duped by several communist front-groups that he innocently joined.As Reagan later regretted, he had "blindly and busily" joined "every organization I could find that would guarantee to save the...(Read Full Article)