Conservatives and Libertarians

The consummately rambunctious Young Americans for Freedom, sticking with tradition, have caused another stir at the Conservative Political Action Conference this year.   They have seen fit to boot the libertarian-Republican from Texas, Congressman Ron Paul, from their board of advisors.  In removing the controversial Paul, YAF has not just knocked a hornets' nest out of a tree -- YAF has peeled away the weak adhesive that has held two less-than-cordial factions within the Right together for several decades.  They have expanded the field of battle in America's war of ideas, and it is about time.   Since the 1950s there has been an awkward alliance of Cold Warriors, traditionalists, libertarians and reformed ex-communists, all of whom came together under the idea of "fusionism" coined by one of the late editors of National Review, Frank Meyer.   Fusionism was Meyer's, and the Right's as a whole, solution to forming a broad coalition to...(Read Full Article)